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Nees institute for Biodiversity of Plants

The Nees Institute carries out research and education on plants, including their diversity, phylogenetic relationships, phytogeography, distribution, taxonomy, evolution, ecology and function in close collaboration with the Botanical Gardens Bonn. In addition we train future secondary school biology teachers and offer further education (FE) courses for teachers.


Group leadersInstitut_062015

Dietmar Quandt, (phylogeny & evolution),
executive director

Maximilian Weigend, (plant biodiversity),
vice director

Annette Scheersoi, (Fachdidaktik der Biologie)

Wilhelm Barthlott, (Emeritus, biodiversity & bionics)



Elke Hedke

office hours: Monday - Thursday 11.00 - 12.00 h
and 13.00 - 14.00 h


BION e.V. - Biodiversity Network Bonn

Dr. Wolfram Freund

office hours: by appointment, Tel. 0228-73 9055



Nicole Schmandt

office hours: by appointment, Tel. 0228-73 4671


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