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IbeBoL meets GBoL5

Based on the already existing strong collaboration between the Real Jardin Botanico Madrid (CSIC) and the Nees Institute - the Botanical Garden Bonn, University of Bonn, we are extremely happy that the Iberian Barcode of Life (IbeBoL) initiative joins forces with GBoL5 (German Barcode of Life: Barcoding the German Flora;

IbeBoL and GBoL5 nicely complement each other in using the same set of markers for a complementary taxonomic sampling. Both initiatives agreed to share data, experience and protocols. A common public web platform will be developed in the near future to combine with IbeBoL and to allow data exchange among the different platforms.

Dietmar Quandt (Nees Institute for Plant Biodiversity)
Ricarda Riina & Jesús Muñoz (Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid)

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