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A life with bryophytes


...... comes to an unexpected end.

A life with bryophytes

Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Frahm

On Wednesday, 5th our honored colleague and friend Jan-Peter Frahm unexpectedly died from a heart stroke.

As usual Jan-Peter used the first days of the approaching spring to celebrate life in his mobile home hunting for peculiarities, the must see, and of course bryophytes.
This year his camper took him to Cornwall inspired by the latest published records. Returning from Cornwall he unexpectedly passed away in his caravan on a campsite in Belgium.

A death just to the likings of Jan-Peter, but definitely way to early in his live. We all would have wished him more years of the freedom retirement offered him during the last 4 years.

We express our deepest sympathy with his wife Gabi, his son Björn and spouse Conny, and his grandsons Lars and Nils.

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