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Two new publications from nees Institute

The journal of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy, Taxon, has recently published two important articles lead-authored by three researchers of the Nees-Institute, Prof. Dr. Maximilian Weigend, Dr. Federico Luebert and Dr. Juliana Chacón, together with colleagues from 20 research institutes in eight countries on four continents.

The articles resolve long-standing questions on the phylogeny and classification of the Boraginales, a group of 2700 species of herbs, shrubs, trees and lianas distributed worldwide, and the Boraginaceae s.str., the largest family within it, with about 1700 species. Both articles are the result of an international collaborative work that started few years ago after the establishment of the Boraginales Working Group, and summarize the consensus achieved during two meetings on Boraginales that were organized in Bonn in May 2014 and May 2015.

In the article by Luebert et al. [Taxon 65 (3): 502–522] a consensus familial classification of the Boraginales is proposed, based on recent molecular phylogenetic studies and morphological characters. Eleven families are recognized and descriptions, synonomy, a taxonomic key, and a list of genera are provided.

In the article by Chacón et al. [Taxon 65 (3): 523–546] the molecular phylogeny of Boraginaceae s.str., in which the position of previously unplaced genera is now resolved, serves as the basis for a completely revised infrafamilial classification into three subfamilies, 11 tribes, and 8 subtribes. Both publications represent a significant contribution to the angiosperm systematics in general, and the Lamiid classification and taxonomy in particular, constituting an important reference for future investigations on these plant groups. The third International Boraginales Meeting is scheduled for 1–2. Sept. 2016 and will again bring together the world´s leading experts on the plant group at the Nees-Institute, in order continue the fruitful collaboration.



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