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AG Weigend

We work on range of topics in plant systematics, taxonomy, evolution, biogeography and function, with an emphasis on certain plant groups and regions. The geographical focus of our working group is South America, with an emphasis on the Andes and Brazil. We here contribute to floras and checklists such as the Flora Mesoamericana, Checklist of the Southern Cone, Checklist of the Flora of Bolivia, Catalogue of the Flowering Plants of Brazil, Flora of Ecuador, Flora de Colombia. We contribute to several international cooperative projects, such as the Biomaps project, Worldmaps of Plant Biodiversity and the Families and Genera of the Vascular Plants.

Studies on Andean biogeography are carried out together with Dr. Jens Mutke, studies on the evolution of the South American flora with Dr. Federico Luebert. Dr. Luebert also coordinates the studies on the systematics and evolution of the Boraginales and the international Boraginales Working Group. Studies on the systematics and evolution of the Boraginaceae are carried out together with Dr. Juliana Chacón Pinilla. The taxonomy of Boraginaceae for a range of flora projects and some other plant groups is studied together with Dr. Norbert Holstein. The studies on floral evolution and function, especially in the genus Impatiens (Balsaminaceae), are coordinated by Dr. Stefan Abrahamcyk. Other projects include the phylogeny, taxonomy and evolution of the genus Urtica (Urticaceae), the systematics and evolution of Loasaceae (in close collaboration with Dr. Tilo Henning at the BGBM, the taxonomy of Malesherbia (Passifloraceae), and several collaborative projects on useful plants and phytochemistry with a range of partners.

People AG Weigend

Weigend, Prof. Dr. Maximilian
Mutke, Dr. Jens (biogeography and conservation)


Böhnert, Dr. Tim (biogeography & systematics)

Jeiter, Julius (floral morphology and evolution in Geraniales)

PhD students

Losch, Florian
Vasile, Maria Anna
Ruhm, Jonathan



Hedke, Elke (Office at the Nees institute)

Technical Staff

Joßberger, Thomas (Microscopy)
Schmandt, Nicole (BTA AG Weigend)
Malkowsky, Yaron (SEM/Microscopy)

Former Members

Ackermann, Markus
(now Universität Koblenz - Landau)

Abrahamczyk, PD Dr. Stefan
(now Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart)
Brokamp, Dr. Grischa
Chacón, Dr. Juliana

Holstein, Dr. Norbert
(now Senior Curator, Herbarium, Natural History Museum London)

Luebert, Dr. Federico
(now Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile)
Mustafa, Dr. Adeel
(now GIZ)
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