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Biodiversity and Biogeography of Cacti

Complete Distribition Atlas of the Cactus family

Barthlott et al. 2015 Schumannia 7: Biodiversity and Biogeography of Cacti

The Cactaceae with c. 1435 species are the most important plant family of the arid regions of the Americas. Recent revisions and molecular studies resulted in an improved knowledge of the phylogeny and taxonomy of this group. Due to their high value as ornamental plants, countless publications with data on ecological preferences and geographic occurrence of the species are available. In this volume, the distribution areas of all cactus species are mapped. On this basis, we identified and characterized seven geographical centers of cactus diversity. Overall diversity patterns of the family, as well as, diversity patterns of all taxonomic subgroups, growth forms, and pollination syndromes are presented and mapped on the phylogeny of the Cactaceae. More than 50% of the species have extremely small distribution ranges, resulting in potential threat and insufficient coverage by existing protected areas. This volume presents the most comprehensive biogeographical analysis of one of the larger plant families.

·  Text zweisprachig English und Deutsch

·  c. 205 pages, c. 333 colored maps showing the distribution of all Cactus species

·  c. 60 color figures incl. 44 fotos of cacti species and their habitats

·  Analyses and diversity maps for all tribes and genera, major growth forms, and pollination syndromes

·  Based on the most recent phylogenetic studies

Barthlott, W., Burstedde, K., Geffert, J.L., Ibisch, P.L., Korotkova, N., Miebach, A., Rafiqpoor, M.D., Stein, A. & Mutke, J. (2015): Biogeography and Biodiversity of Cacti. Schumannia 7. 205 pages, 333 maps, ca. 60 photos and other figures. 21.0 x 29.7 cm (A4), Hardcover – Price: 39,-€ + transport, ISSN 1437-2517. Bezugsadresse (to order by): [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

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