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PDF of manuscripts and maps published by members of the BIOMAPS project without copyright restrictions by third parties

Worldmap of species richness of vascular plants by Barthlott et al. 2005
Mutke, J. & W. Barthlott (2005): Patterns of vascular plant diversity at continental to global scales. Biologiske Skrifter 55: 521-537.
Linder, Lovett, Mutke, et al. (2005): A numerical re-evaluation of the sub-Saharan phytochoria. Biologiske Skrifter 55: 229-252
Mutke, J. (2001): Forest structure and tree species composition of the submontane rainforest at Río Guajalito (Ecuador).
Barthlott, Mutke, Rafiqpoor et al. (2005): Global Centers of Vascular Plant Diversity. Nova Acta Leopoldina 92: 61-83
Mutke, J., Jacobs, R., Meyer, K., Henning, T. & Weigend, M. (2014). Diversity patterns of selected Andean plant groups correspond to topography and habitat dynamics, not orogeny. Frontiers in Genetics 5.
Barthlott et al. 2015 Schumannia 7: Biodiversity and Biogeography of Cacti
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