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Dr. Julia Bechteler

Nees-Institut für Biodiversität der Pflanzen • Meckenheimer Allee 170 • D – 53115 Bonn







My broad interest belongs to cryptogams, especially epiphytic and epiphyllous leafy liverworts. To better understand the evolution of these plants, I mainly work with Lejeuneaceae as my study system. They are not only the largest family of liverworts with c. 1700 species, but also comprise the vast majority of liverwort species having an epiphyllous lifestyle, i.e. growing on leaf surfaces. To address my research questions, I make use of molecular and morphological data as well as the amber fossil record of this diverse bryophyte family.

I have also worked in projects focusing on the lichen symbiosis, e.g. the photobiont diversity of Antarctic lichens and DNA barcoding of the mycobionts and photobionts of Parmeliaceae species.



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