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Dr. Julia Bechteler

Nees-Institut für Biodiversität der Pflanzen • Meckenheimer Allee 170 • D – 53115 Bonn






My current and past research spans three areas:

  1. Adaptation to dry habitats. 

    Currently, I aim at identifying genetic mechanisms that are linked to the adaptation to arid desert environments. I use members of the angiosperm family Loasaceae from the Atacama and Namib desert to undertake transcriptomic analyses. This research is carried out within the DFG CRC1211 (

  2. Evolution of early land plants. 

    Another interest is in understanding the evolution of early land plants. I mainly work with two liverwort study systems, both consisting of predominantly epiphytic species: the leafy Lejeuneaceae and the simple thalloid Metzgeriaceae. To address my questions regarding their biogeography or character evolution, I use a variety of bioinformatic programs to analyze molecular, as well as morphological data from extant and fossil specimens.

  3. Symbiosis. 

    Furthermore I am interested in plant-fungal symbioses with special focus on lichens. In a recent project, we determined the genetic diversity of the photobionts and mycobionts of Antarctic Placopsis species in recently deglaciated areas. Our results show different ecological preferences of their algal partners and indicate that they play a role in the adaptation of the lichen symbiotic entity to changing environmental conditions. Our research was featured on the title page of the September 2019 issue of SYMBIOSIS (

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