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Dipl. Biol. Andreas Mues

Nees-Institut für Biodiversität der Pflanzen 

Meckenheimer Allee 170

53115 Bonn

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  • E-Mail: a.w.mues[at]



Title of project: Floral gestalt, reward and signaling in angiosperms
The PhD-project focuses on plant-pollinator communication and interaction in angiosperm biodiversity and wants to broaden the knowledge about the evolutionary background, selective pressures and functional aspects that are shaping floral gestalt, signaling and rewarding. Focal groups of study are Geraniales, Lamiales and Boraginales. Main parameters to be analyzed are nectar reward and pollen production as well as pollen-ovule ratio (p/o) for the classification of breeding systems. These data will be related to the latest molecular phylogenies of the respective orders and families as well as to floral symmetry, flower guide colouration and UV-light signaling.

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