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Dietmar Quandt

Nees-Institut für Biodiversität der Pflanzen DQ_v2
Meckenheimer Allee 170 • D – 53115 Bonn
  • Telefon: +49-(0)228-733315
  • Telefax: +49-(0)228-733120
  • E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
  • office hours: by appointment
  • Researcher ID: F-1821-2010



Projects (third-party support)

current projects

  • Earth – Evolution at the Dry Limit (CRC1211) Phase 2 (Co-Speaker)
    1. B01: Biogeographic history of plant communities. (PI, joint application with Prof. Marcus Koch University of Heidelberg)
    2. B07: Desert transcriptomics: assessing the genetic basis of adaptation to aridity in desert dwellers. (PI, joint application with Dr. Julia Bechteler (University of Bonn) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Wiehe (University of Cologne)
    3. Z05: Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG). (PI, joint application with Dr. Karin Boessenkool and Prof. Dr. Martin Melles (University of Cologne))
  • BIO-GEEC (German-Ecuadorian Biodiversity Consortium): Establishing barcoding pipelines for biological systems of public and economic relevance (Stage 1); (PI, DAAD/GIZ, Co-PIs: Danilo Harms (Cenak), Kai Müller (IEB Münster), Lars Podsiadlowski (ZfMK), Christian Betzel (Uni Hamburg), María Cristina Peñuela-Mora (Ikiam), Santiago Zarate Baca (UTN), Verónica Crespo-Pérez (PUCE), Maria Claudia Segovia Salcedo (ESPE))
  • 3transects: Unraveling the mechanisms determining the diversity of tropical plant communities (PI; D-A-CH; DFG & SNF, PI CH: M. Kessler, Zürich)
  • MesiCrust: Mechanisms of soil erosion under forest – the role of biological soil crusts. (Co-PI, DFG; PI: Steffen Seitz, University of Tübingen)
  • DBAC: DNA-Barcode Analyser for CITES species (PI, BfN, Co-PIs: Markus Nöthen UKB Bonn, Bruno Hüttel MPIPZ)
  • TerraCode (PI; ABC-J Geoverbund; DBU)


completed projects

  • Earth – Evolution at the Dry Limit (CRC1211): B01 Biogeographic history of plant communities. (PI, vice-speaker of cluster B, DFG CRC1211)
  • GBOL5: Sampling and barcoding of the German flora Phase 2 (PI, BMBF)
  • GBOL5: Sampling and barcoding of the German flora Phase 1 (PI, BMBF)
  • ABA-Ecuador: Molecular identification of gametophytes of bryophytes and ferns, and their potential use as bioindicators (Co-PI; DFG)
  • Flora Briofítica Ibérica: Fase V (Co-PI; Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación)
  • Character evolution in pleurocarpous mosses: a phylogenetic study focussing on the Lembophyllaceae/Neckeraceae - clade
    (PI; DFG)
  • Mutational dynamics of non-coding genomic regions and their potential for reconstructing evolutionary relationships in eudicots (PI jointly with Thomas Borsch; DFG)
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