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Research Dr. Federico Luebert

I am broadly interested in questions about the tempo and mode of evolutionary diversification in plants at all hierarchal levels of biological organization. I am particularly interested in understanding the historical assembly of floras through the study of the evolutionary history of their constitutent lineages. To address these questions, I combine traditional and modern approaches such as alpha-taxonomy, morphological analysis, molecular phylogenetics, vegetation ecology, and historical biogeography, and collaborate with researchers from different disciplines in topics such as population genetics, ecological modelling and phytochemistry. Field-work and first-hand knowledge of the species are essential to pursue the goals of my research program, primarily focused on South America. I am also interested in the potential application of scientific knowledge in biodiversity conservation planning and decision-making. My current work concentrates on the following research areas:
  • Evolutionary diversification of Heliotropium and its allies
  • Biogeography of the Andes and the Atacama Desert
  • Systematics and evolution of South American Asteraceae
  • Vegetation ecology and biodiversity conservation
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