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Publications Dietmar Quandt

ResearcherID: F-1821-2010

Book chapters


  • Huttunen S. Quandt D. 2006. Phylogenetic relationships within the moss family Meteoriaceae in the light of different datasets, alignment and analysis methods. In Newton, A.E. and Tangney, R. S. (eds) Pleurocarpous mosses: Systematics and Evolution. Systematics Association Special Volume Series 71, pp. 141-158. CRC Press, Boca Raton. (B4)
  • Vanderpoorten A, Goffinet B, Quandt D. 2006. Utility of the internal transcribed spacers of the 18S-5.8S-26S nuclear ribosomal DNA in plant systematics. In: Sharma AK, Sharma A. eds. Plant Genome: Biodiversity and Evolution, Vol. 2B, pp. 385-407. Enfield, New Hampshire, Science Publishers. (B3)
  • Stech M, Quandt D. 2006. Molecular evolution and phylogenetic utility of the chloroplast atpB-rbcL spacer in bryophytes. In: Sharma AK, Sharma A. eds. Plant Genome: Biodiversity and Evolution, Vol. 2B, pp. 409-431. Enfield, New Hampshire, Science Publishers. (B2)
  • Quandt D, Stech M. 2003. Molecular systematics of bryophytes in context of land plant evolution. In: Sharma AK, Sharma A. eds. Plant Genome: Biodiversity and Evolution, Vol. 1, pp. 267-295. Enfield, New Hampshire, Science Publishers. (B1)




  • Bechteler J, Hagborg A, Quandt D, Söderström L, von Konrat M. 2018. In Memoriam to Jochen Heinrichs (1969 – 2018). Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution 40: 1-2.
  • Huttunen S, Bell N, Stech M, Quandt D. 2012. Bryophyte Tree Of Life – the current state of phylogenetic reconstruction in mosses. Journal of Bryology 34: 157-159.
  • Stech M, Léon-Vargas Y, Quandt D. 2010. A tribute to Jan-Peter Frahm, or the inexhaustible ways of what to do with bryophytes. Tropical Bryology – Special Issue dedicated to Jan-Peter Frahm. 31: i-iii.
  • Borsch T, Quandt D, Koch M. 2009. Molecular evolution and phylogenetic utility of non-coding DNA: applications from species to deep level questions. Systematics and Evolution – Special Issue on non-coding DNA evolution. 282: 107-108.




Selected ISI publications

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  • Patiño J, Bisang I, Goffinet B, Hedenäs L, McDaniel S, Pressel S, Stech M, Ah-Peng C, Bergamini A, Caners RT, Cargill DC, Cronberg N, Duckett J, Eppley S, Fenton NJ, Fisher K, González-Mancebo J, Hasebe M, Heinrichs J, Hylander K, Ignatov MS, Martínez-Abaigar J, Medina NG, Medina R, Quandt D, Rensing SA, Renzaglia K, Renner M, Ros RM, Schäfer-Verwimp A, Carlos Villarreal J, Vanderpoorten A. 2022. Unveiling the nature of a miniature world: A horizon scan of fundamental questions in bryology. Journal of Bryology 44: 1-34.
  • Dunai TJ, Melles N, Quandt D, Knief C, Amelung W. 2020. Whitepaper: Earth – Evolution at the dry limit. Global and Planetary Change – Special issue CRC1211. 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2020.103275
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  • Noben S, Kessler M, Quandt D, Weigand A, Wicke S, Krug M, Lehnert M. 2018. Biogeography of the Gondwanan tree fern family Dicksoniaceae — A tale of vicariance, dispersal and extinction. Journal of Biogeography 44: 2648-2659.
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  • Barniske AM, Borsch T, Krug M, Worberg A, Müller K, Quandt D. 2012. Phylogenetics of early branching eudicots: comparing phylogenetic signal across plastid introns, spacers, and genes. Journal of Systematics and Evolution 50: 85-108.
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    Link to the article
  • Korotkova N, Borsch T, Quandt D, Taylor N, Müller K, Barthlott W. 2011. Epiphytic cacti (Rhipsalideae): How much does it take to resolve relationships and to identify species with molecular markers? American Journal of Botany 98: 1549-1572.
  • Stech M, Quandt D. 2010. 20,000 species and five key markers: the status of molecular bryophyte phylogenetics. Phytotaxa 9: 196-228.
    Link to the article
  • Wicke S, Quandt D. 2009. Universal primers for amplification of the trnK/matK region in land plants. Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid 66: 285-288.
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